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So it seems I did things a little bit out of order. This most recent post was meant to be published immediately prior to “True Believer”. So we’re off by one. This wouldn’t be a problem except there are a few things introduced in this story that are referenced in “True Believer” so I feel somewhat awkward offering it up now.

However not many of you are actually reading this blog right now, so let’s just hope this gets swept under the rug and that I write some more stories before people actually start paying attention.

So what is this missing story actually about? Well there’s always more than one way to skin a cat. Yes, a nuclear powered cat skinner will do the job the fastest, but what about the cheapest? The greatest vulnerability of large organizations is overhead and base cost. Sometimes, every now and then, some one comes along who can mess that up big time and in ways you wouldn’t expect.

Breath of Helios

12140.4.13 ESC Thorium powered nuclear reactors coupled with ion propulsion engines provided fast, efficient, and reliable transportation within the inner solar system. They also proved hideously expensive. Transport from Earth to Mars, Venus, or the Asteroid Belt proved unobtainable for anyone who was not directly connected to an Entente expedition. The development of cheap, reliable,Continue reading “Breath of Helios”


Most recently uploaded are two Homeworld Stories and one standalone fiction. Get caught up on the major cannon while we wait for 2020 to end!

The Ladder

12139.1.01 ESC Although it controlled virtually all of Humanity, the Entente comprised a very small percentage of the population. This fractional population entrenched behind layers of bureaucracy protected by authoritarian, mercenary police quickly became the silent aristocracy of the New World Order. The accidental genius of the Entente was a corporate structure that discouraged marriageContinue reading “The Ladder”


12139.7.41 ESC The chute stank. It stank to high heaven. Which confused John to no end. His mining suit was hermetically and vacuum sealed. It was sealed inside the hab, long before he even descended the chute. Yet every time he descended the shaft to deal with whatever the latest problem was he would encounterContinue reading “Thirty-Niner”

True Believer

12142.6.33 Devotees of Brayden Holtz, commonly referred to simply as “The Brayds”, were a curious phenomenon. Despite their control of the island and the financial backing of Saint Paul, they had very little financial resources. They also lacked political, military, cultural, or economic influence. Yet somehow wherever Humanity went they followed. Despite Entente efforts toContinue reading “True Believer”

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