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The Homeword series marches on. This time we return to Venus for a look at the early colonization process as well as a deeper look at the fastest growing religion of the post war world. If you haven’t read “Stairway to Heaven” or “Tin Star” it is highly reccomended that you do so before reading this.

True Believer

12142.6.33 Devotees of Brayden Holtz, commonly referred to simply as “The Brayds”, were a curious phenomenon. Despite their control of the island and the financial backing of Saint Paul, they had very little financial resources. They also lacked political, military, cultural, or economic influence. Yet somehow wherever Humanity went they followed. Despite Entente efforts toContinue reading “True Believer”


Most recently uploaded are two Homeworld Stories and one standalone fiction. Get caught up on the major cannon while we wait for 2020 to end!

Belly of the Beast

12137.05.01 ESC Despite its near complete hegemony of economic and political power in the post war order, no one is entirely sure as to the exact workings of The Entente.  A series of overlapping contracts and intertwined alliances of loose confederations served as the organizational framework, but as to who developed policy or who wieldedContinue reading “Belly of the Beast”

The Ladder

12139.1.01 ESC Although it controlled virtually all of Humanity, the Entente comprised a very small percentage of the population. This fractional population entrenched behind layers of bureaucracy protected by authoritarian, mercenary police quickly became the silent aristocracy of the New World Order. The accidental genius of the Entente was a corporate structure that discouraged marriageContinue reading “The Ladder”


12139.7.41 ESC The chute stank. It stank to high heaven. Which confused John to no end. His mining suit was hermetically and vacuum sealed. It was sealed inside the hab, long before he even descended the chute. Yet every time he descended the shaft to deal with whatever the latest problem was he would encounterContinue reading “Thirty-Niner”

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