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We continue our journey through the Homeworld timeline with a look at the Entente’s first excursion to the Asteroid Belt. Metallurgy is perhaps humanity’s most critical art. Tools, weapons, medical implements, money, vehicles, armor, the ability to refine metals into a pure form and then shape them into usable implements has skyrocketed Humanity up the tech tree. The problem we have always faced is getting the raw material. Mining has always been a dangerous and isolating job. So what difficulties would you face when you have to mine in space? And what if your employer wasn’t completely honest with you as to why they sent you 300 Million Kilometers into space? It’s time to meet the Miner-Thirty Niners.


12139.7.41 ESC The chute stank. It stank to high heaven. Which confused John to no end. His mining suit was hermetically and vacuum sealed. It was sealed inside the hab, long before he even descended the chute. Yet every time he descended the shaft to deal with whatever the latest problem was he would encounterContinue reading “Thirty-Niner”


Most recently uploaded are two Homeworld Stories and one standalone fiction. Get caught up on the major cannon while we wait for 2020 to end!

The Ladder

12139.1.01 ESC Although it controlled virtually all of Humanity, the Entente comprised a very small percentage of the population. This fractional population entrenched behind layers of bureaucracy protected by authoritarian, mercenary police quickly became the silent aristocracy of the New World Order. The accidental genius of the Entente was a corporate structure that discouraged marriageContinue reading “The Ladder”

Belly of the Beast

12137.05.01 ESC Despite its near complete hegemony of economic and political power in the post war order, no one is entirely sure as to the exact workings of The Entente.  A series of overlapping contracts and intertwined alliances of loose confederations served as the organizational framework, but as to who developed policy or who wieldedContinue reading “Belly of the Beast”


The sand and rocks shifted under the sole of his boot. He found his footing, and his suit remained uncompromised. He knew it would but there was always something about zero atmosphere and low G that made him nervous. He paused for a moment and looked back into space, its ominous, empty void seemingly staringContinue reading “One”

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