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We’re back! After a long hiatus due to complications in my personal life, I have finally found the time to post again. Hopefully I will be able to maintain a regular schedule this time around.

Our sojourn thorough the Homeworld Timeline continues as we get a brief peek insides the inner workings of the Entente. What we find there will be astoundingly human. I firmly believe that there are no dark, secret societies. There is no Illuminatti. Just people. Which in its own way, can be more frightening than even the wildest conspiracy theory…

Belly of the Beast

12137.05.01 ESC Despite its near complete hegemony of economic and political power in the post war order, no one is entirely sure as to the exact workings of The Entente.  A series of overlapping contracts and intertwined alliances of loose confederations served as the organizational framework, but as to who developed policy or who wieldedContinue reading “Belly of the Beast”


The most recent stories are “Castles in the Sky” and “Tin Star”. Both Homeworld features. The Latest stand alone fiction is an oldie, but a goodie in “The Gold Coin”

Tin Star

12134.8.07 ESC Barret Pilgrim is considered by many the first of the Entente authoritarian police: brutal, uncompromising, and unquestionably in charge. In reality this is a misapprehension. He was the last of a kind. The last rebel given a post-settlement position, the last of the pre-settlement colonists sent off world, the last lawman to sealContinue reading “Tin Star”

Castles in the Sky

12136.3.43 ESC Doubts persist as to Joshua Gelle’s contribution to the terraforming of Venus, it was that project and its successful completion that led to the Academia Solaria. The effect this university and the technologies it developed had on Humanity is undeniable. -Prof. Duncan, “The Histories” From the safety of the zeppelin Venus looked beautiful.Continue reading “Castles in the Sky”

The Gold Coin

Harry didn’t so much want money as much he just wanted his problems to go away. Granted, there are other ways to solve your problems but money just happens to be the fastest, or at least a reasonable stop-gap. Whichever it was Harry was spending his morning as he had for as long as heContinue reading “The Gold Coin”

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