Homeworld Primer

Welcome to the Future

Here’s some quick exposition to really understand the Homeworld Series


2083 – Brayden Holtz dies after successfully demonstrating “Stairway” technology. Under US supervision, Humanity begins colonizing space.

2087-2113 – Five orbital space stations are established at Lagrange Points, these are called Lagrange Stations. Also several colonies appear on the Moon. The most Notorious is a mining colony named “Armstrong”.

2123 – After a generation of exploitation and neglect, Lunar colonists begin a rebellion against their home governments on Earth. The first violent resistance to terrestrial government occurs at the colony of Armstrong. Initially they are fighting to establish self-rule. After several early successes and a deepening entrenchment by their home governments, the rebellion becomes about destabilizing and delegitimizing their terrestrial governments.

2126 – Terrestrial governments divide into two factions, those pro rebellion and those trying to stomp it out. With support from terrestrial governments, the Orbital rebellion switches from Orbit terror strikes on terrestrial government assets to invasion. The War of the Worlds Begins.

2128 – The UN is placed under siege. The US withdraws to entrench around DC, the UN Falls, New York is devastated.

2129 – In a freak accident, the President of the United States, the speaker of the house, and several high ranking cabinet members die in a plane crash. The new president is soon abducted by rebel forces. The US Congress surrenders. North America descends into Civil War.

2130 – Remnants of the US Military launch a preemptive, totally devastating Nuclear strike against China, the rebellion’s chief sponsor on Earth, as well as Lagrange 5, the orbiting headquarters of the Rebellion forces.

2131 – Several Corporations, Universities, US Military remnants, and several surviving state and national governments pool their resources to eradicate the remaining rebel forces on Earth. Cut off from support and unable to reinforce, rebel forces begin a long, fighting retreat.

2132 – The last remaining rebels are corned at Armstrong Colony which endures a brutal siege, eventually they surrender. The ad-hoc handshake alliance of Corporations, Universities, State and National Governments, and surviving military units assume control of all of Humanity. The Entente is born.

2133 – To reconcile information collection and storage and governance a new calendar Called Earth Standard Canlendar is put into effect. The new year is celebrated on December 22, 2133 which becomes 1st Winter A, 12,133 ESC. This is denoted 12133.1.01.

Earth Standard Calendar

Years remain 365 days.

The year number is changed to Holocence accounting dates. This is done by adding 10,000 to Gregorian years.

Gregorian Leap year rules apply. Leap Days are appended to the month Winter A.

There is no Daylight savings time.

Each of the 4 seasons is divided into two months, for a total of 8 months per year. The month dates and number of days is below:

MonthStarting EventDays
Winter AWinter Solstice45
Winter B46
Spring AVernal Equinox45
Spring B46
Summer AEstival Solstice46
Summer B46
Fall AAutunmnal Equinox46
Fall B45
Entente Vocabulary and Organization

“The Entente” is a vernacular phrase to describe the alliance of organizations, public and private, that emerged victorious from the “War of the Worlds”. Shortly afterwards almost all remaining organizations, public and private, for profit and charitable, secular and religious, developed some kind of relationship with this alliance.

The Entente is staffed and run by technocrats who collect information and pass regulation. Their primary seats of power are San Francisco, Vancouver, Mexico City, Sao Paolo, London, Istanbul, Tokyo, and Lunas Prime on the Moon. Their edicts are enforced by a private, para-military security force called “Entente Peace Management Servants”.

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