Stand Alone Fiction

Individually packaged for convenient consumption

Individual Short Stories

Here is a collection of self contained short stories. Each story is packaged with a beginning, middle, end, and maybe some small moral observation. Think of these stories as individual episodes of the Twilight Zone. Enjoy them one at a time, or binge to your heart’s content.

These stories are not the focal point of this blog and so will be updated less regularly than the Flagship Homeworld series. But occasionally I’ll get an idea that is not a part of that cannon and so I will publish it as its own self contained story here. I also have some older stories I have yet to publish so from time to time I’ll dig into the archive and post them in this space.

Dirty Thoughts

The Senate chambers were eerily quiet. the undirected rage which had caused all of the hysteria in the first place should have turned this impeachment hearing into the Roman Colosseum. She had expected as much, anyway. Yet the sheer weight of the event seemed to hang in place, pressing down on the very air, quietingContinue reading “Dirty Thoughts”

The Gold Coin

Harry didn’t so much want money as much he just wanted his problems to go away. Granted, there are other ways to solve your problems but money just happens to be the fastest, or at least a reasonable stop-gap. Whichever it was Harry was spending his morning as he had for as long as heContinue reading “The Gold Coin”


The sand and rocks shifted under the sole of his boot. He found his footing, and his suit remained uncompromised. He knew it would but there was always something about zero atmosphere and low G that made him nervous. He paused for a moment and looked back into space, its ominous, empty void seemingly staringContinue reading “One”

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