The Future is Frightening

What Will Technology do to us?

The world as we know it was born in 1776. Not only was revolutionary citizen focused government born on the eastern seaboard of North America, but in England that same year a man named James Watt patented his first Steam Engine. For the next 138 years this new world grew from infancy to full adulthood. Steam, Electricity, Coal, Oil, Rails, Steel, and the Micrometer conspired behind the scenes to create a new Earth, a world unseen before and completely novel in its function.

Humans powered across vast oceans, fertilized the earth to generate untold amounts of food, soared through the air at faster and faster rates, and fought a war to end all wars over just who was going to be in charge of this unbelievable bounty. And through it all Humanity hasn’t changed.

Technology may change how we interact with each other and the planet, but it doesn’t change us. No matter how smart the architect, nor how carefully or totally implemented the new social structure, the Thucydidean nature of Humanity always finds a way to assert itself.

The old world of small settlement, agrarian society woven together by familial, cultural, and religious bonds died over 100 years ago. It was killed off by artificial fertilizer, vaccines, repeating arms, air planes, and most ominously, the Atom. What novel and dangerous technologies will be unlocked in the next 100 years? And what will Humanity do when we are no longer constrained to the Earth itself? What happens when we have multiple homeworlds? And what dark and ancient impulses of man will surface when we get there?

Enjoy this alternate, dystopian future start to finish!

Prelude: Stairway to Heaven – When the key to cheap, reliable space travel is unlocked the world will change forever.

Homeworld Primer – Here is a quick primer to tell you all you need to know to follow along with the stories.

Chapter 1 – Won’t Get Fooled Again – Earth and its colonies have just fought a terrible war that resulted in the end of almost everything. In the post war world humanity attempts to return to space under auspices of a new government called “The Entente”. What happens when one person challenges this new regime?

Chapter 2 – Tin Star – The Frontier is always a dangerous place. In the future the Entente will use Mars’s first colony as a dumping ground for people they don’t want on Earth. They will soon come to regret this convenience.

Chapter 3 – Castles in the Sky – The Entente is spreading. Its target this time is Venus. Or at least it would be if it weren’t a volcanic nightmare with an atmosphere made of battery acid. How would you terraform such a planet to make it safe for human colonization?

Chapter 4 – Belly of the Beast – Who is actually in charge? How do massive, interlocked bureaucracies actually function?

Chapter 5 – The Ladder – The Entente is firmly in charge of Earth and its employees/citizens live fabulous lives in skyscrapers dressed up like Versailles. If you’re climbing the ladder you’re set. But what about everyone else?

Chapter 6 – Thirty Niner – Mining expeditions have been sent to the Asteroid Belt to procure important rare earth minerals for the Entente. As they run into difficulty, after difficulty the Miners begin to question their mission. Soon they deduce just what their real purpose in the Belt is.

Chapter 7 – Breath of Helios – The Entente stranglehold on intrastellar shipping is causing rising costs and big problems for a lot of people. Now as the Entente seeks to expand their ship building program one man with a unique talent will stumble across a way to interrupt the Entente’s power over the people who live off world.

Chapter 8 – True Believer – As Humanity spreads through the Solar System our idiosyncrasies will go with us. What happens when those with absolute faith encounter people wielding absolute power?

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